Contact and Location

If you want to contact me about any booking or enquire as to what specific things I do/don’t offer, feel free to contact me via phone/text on 07742046067. I can be busy so just be patient and I’ll make sure that I get back to you. If you’re more of an e-mail person then you can also message me at

I don’t respond to hateful, rude or discrimanatory messages and if you call and you’re rude in any way I’ll be sure to block your number and make sure that website admins of other escort/massage websites know that you’re not someone to be accommodated. This is the minority of people of course but sadly things like this have to be said!

In regards to my incall location, I am based in central Manchester (full address is given after a time and date is confirmed) – it is a discreet but cosy apartment which helps to give you the best experience possible!

If it’s an outcall that you’re looking for I can do nationwide depending on the amount of time/price of the service, as it has to be worth my time (not meant to sound shallow – just that traveling 3 hours for a one hour massage isn’t exactly economical!). You just need to text me or include in your booking the following: time, date and location of the outcall and also agree to pay travel expenses should it be outside Manchester.


PHONE: 07742046067

INSTAGRAM: @roytyler_

TWITTER: @RoyTyler_