Blog 7: It’s been a while

Been a long time since I’ve posted on here, to be honest with you I’ve not been taking work as a priority recently and it’s been strange – I’ve had a wild ride in my social life as well as with other ventures but I’m back at it now and it feels good. Always get the odd person who makes you question why you’re doing this but I’ve gotten used to that feeling by now!

I’m really looking forward to getting back on track with work, getting into a routine in my personal life and just generally having a more productive 2022 – which hopefully also sees the end of COVID (or at least the end of any COVID related restrictions/fears).

I’ll be posting on here more and will be active on my socials/phone so if any of you have any questions that are work related please feel free to reach out and I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as I can. I hope you’re all enjoying the start of this new year and I’ll see you soon!

Blog 6: Back to Work

After a hefty 3 month lay off and many, many days of sheer boredom I am delighted to say that I’m officially taking bookings again as of July 6th this year! I can’t wait to see you all again, wether you’re an old client or someone who hasn’t been before. Obviously it’s still a cautious time and hygiene will be more important now than ever so I’ll be making sure to continue with my policy of disinfecting hands and door handles between bookings and I expect the same level of hygiene from any clients also.

It’s been a long wait and I can understand peoples excitement to get out there just as much as I can appreciate hesitation, so I wont judge anyone if they want to wear a mask during the booking – just as I wont judge if someone doesn’t want to. The majority of people are happy about the fact that we are allowed out again and I am part of this group, so let’s just enjoy the positive atmosphere that’s about at the moment and go back to how things were before this all happened!

Blog 5: Coronavirus

Crazy times at the moment – seems like the whole world is going nuts over this virus. I guess you could argue that the worries about health and hygiene are justified, however, toilet roll being out of stock? Give me a break. Trust the general population to over react to the point that the new high value commodity is loo roll.

Anyway, despite the health concerns anyone is more than welcome to visit – I have stocked up on hand sanitiser and have antibacterial wipes for pretty much any occasion. Considering people might start having a lot more free time due to places being closed, now is the best time to come and visit! Obviously it goes without saying that hygiene is as important now as it has ever been, which is brilliant for me as even before this situation happened I made sure that I always kept a sanitary environment for my clients.

I hope to see you soon, the weather is getting better and there’s no reason to be stuck indoors when the sun is shining. After all, if the world is going to end you might as well go out with a…. bang.

Blog 4: Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… or the most quiet time of the year, if you’re in my line of work! I can’t say that I blame people as to be honest with you, I’d value getting presents for my family over getting a massage or more. However, I’m still working away and will be until just before Christmas, although I’m going to be taking the rest of the time up until new years day off as a holiday!

I’m hoping that after Christmas and new year I can reach new heights in regards to how busy I am. I want to make sure that I build on this year’s success and also build on my repeat client list, as one thing I love is seeing a familiar face come through my door. New clients will always be welcomed but there’s just something about someone coming back to see you which is kind of vindicating. In a job where you’re used to working alone, it makes you feel like you can actually make ‘work friends’ as such, at considering how much I enjoy doing what I do – it makes it that much sweeter if I can connect with people to the point that they want to return!

Nevertheless, if you’re reading this, I hope that you have a great holiday and new year, hopefully I’ll see you (or see you again) very soon, but for now – grab a cup of tea, enjoy the holidays and get ready for another year!

Blog 3: Back to Manchester

So, I ended up moving back to Manchester in the end – although I doubt I would’ve ever been up for staying in London if I’m honest with you. The lifestyle of the people down there is so much more different to up North, I just couldn’t cope with the 24/7 attitude that so many of the people expected me to have just because they worked long hours (getting asked to see people at 2am/3am was a regular occurance).

This isn’t to say that I can’t cope with being busy, however I draw the line at missing out on making money due to the fact that I’m not willing to sacrifice my general health just to stay up til god knows when to see people. Admittedly I’m not as busy back up here in Manchester but the people I see are all lovely (for the most part) and I never have to work past 11pm – meaning that I can chill at home and watch a film without having to worry about if someone’s gonna call me to meet in an hour or so.

I have a great place up here in Manchester in comparison to my old place in Kensington which was essentially a box room with a bed in it – plus I’m near to all my family and friends which makes me very happy! I’m glad I made the choice that I did which was to come back permanently – London was fun, but it’s an experience that I won’t be repeating.

Blog 2: London

So, Ive been in London for the past 4 months and I’ve had seriously mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, it’s great for work – there’s a constant stream of people who are up for having a massage and in general they have more disposable income than those up North which means they can partake more regularly. However, everything I know and love is back up in Manchester and in my opinion life is a lot easier back there, both financially and in terms of how people are when it comes to the way they treat you.

There have definitely been memorable times down here though. Highlights include the trip to California that I was able to go on and two visits to Amsterdam which were amazing. The day to day life isn’t all that bad down here either as I’ve been going to the gym every day and eating much better than when I was living at home in Manchester – which has helped me to get an even better physique than before!

Who knows where I’ll end up once my rent expires in July. Going back home just before my birthday seems like it would be stressful but also means that I would be able to spend it with my friends and family rather than just being alone. Northerners have a certain charm that just isn’t found in other places and I’ve been missing it greatly – maybe its time to go back home…

Blog 1: Being me

Hi! Welcome to my first blog post. I’m feeling like just having a quick chat about who I am, what I do and why I do it – so here goes nothing.

So, I started doing this in late May, shortly after I finished my university course – I had nothing to do really and my current job at the time was low hours and low pay. I’ve always wanted to do well for myself so that I could do the things I like, by no means am I a designer brand or luxury holiday kind of guy, but I do like being able to go out and enjoy myself – so I needed a job that could help me do that.

I ran into my former ’employer’ around this time (I use the term employer loosely, he was more of a friend who pushed me in the right direction). With him, I started performing sensual massages, working this job in the mornings and my previous one in the afternoon. I did this for around a month until I realised that I could make much more by just sacking off my other job and going full time masseur, so that’s what I did.

My parents know that I work at a massage place, however they don’t truly know what I do – it’s easier this way, unnecessary worries are avoided and I can just get on with my life. I never do anything that would put me in danger so as far as I’m concerned there’s no reason to have to tell them unless something serious pops up.

Around October time I transitioned into a sort of 50% masseur and 50% escort role. I’d known for a while the money was in the more sexual side of massages and to be fair, I’d been making a killing doing body to body massages in the short time that I’d offered them. Since making the change I haven’t looked back and now I have the freedom to do what I like whilst also feeling like I have an actual job to keep me occupied (bookings don’t find themselves!).

That takes me to where I am now – it’s getting near to Christmas so it’s dying down a bit but I couldn’t be happier with where I am now. I meet interesting people, go to different places and above all have actually made some good friends along the way.

Here’s to a great Christmas and a busy new year!