Blog 6: Back to Work

After a hefty 3 month lay off and many, many days of sheer boredom I am delighted to say that I’m officially taking bookings again as of July 6th this year! I can’t wait to see you all again, wether you’re an old client or someone who hasn’t been before. Obviously it’s still a cautious time and hygiene will be more important now than ever so I’ll be making sure to continue with my policy of disinfecting hands and door handles between bookings and I expect the same level of hygiene from any clients also.

It’s been a long wait and I can understand peoples excitement to get out there just as much as I can appreciate hesitation, so I wont judge anyone if they want to wear a mask during the booking – just as I wont judge if someone doesn’t want to. The majority of people are happy about the fact that we are allowed out again and I am part of this group, so let’s just enjoy the positive atmosphere that’s about at the moment and go back to how things were before this all happened!