Blog 3: Back to Manchester

So, I ended up moving back to Manchester in the end – although I doubt I would’ve ever been up for staying in London if I’m honest with you. The lifestyle of the people down there is so much more different to up North, I just couldn’t cope with the 24/7 attitude that so many of the people expected me to have just because they worked long hours (getting asked to see people at 2am/3am was a regular occurance).

This isn’t to say that I can’t cope with being busy, however I draw the line at missing out on making money due to the fact that I’m not willing to sacrifice my general health just to stay up til god knows when to see people. Admittedly I’m not as busy back up here in Manchester but the people I see are all lovely (for the most part) and I never have to work past 11pm – meaning that I can chill at home and watch a film without having to worry about if someone’s gonna call me to meet in an hour or so.

I have a great place up here in Manchester in comparison to my old place in Kensington which was essentially a box room with a bed in it – plus I’m near to all my family and friends which makes me very happy! I’m glad I made the choice that I did which was to come back permanently – London was fun, but it’s an experience that I won’t be repeating.